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I'm telling you right now, collecting testimonials, using this system, is amazing to me! Each time I've used it, I've collected at least 10 testimonials!
Mike Brian, CVP CVH
Mike Brian, CVP CVH
This platform has made it very simple as a way to not only invite people to record and share testimonials, but to have everything they need to be able to complete them!
Lane Monson, CEO, Platinum Circle Coaching
Lane Monson
CEO, Platinum Circle Coaching
I absolutely love Rakonto! It has been such a beautiful tool for me to gather client testimonials!
Cheryl Knowlton, CSP, CSEI, DREI
Cheryl Knowlton, CSP, CSEI, DREI
Christian and his team have been so great. Everything that we've asked them to do and help us out with, they've done. And they've improved the product, week after week!
Aimee Young, Sr. Enterprise Manager, AtlasRTX
Aimee Young
Sr. Enterprise Manager, AtlasRTX
We're just starting to unlock all the incredible use cases for this tool! I speak all over the world, and now I can create a quick video and have people respond and talk about the event.
Spencer Horn, MS, CTPC, CSP
Spencer Horn, MS, CTPC, CSP
You've got a fantastic product there, and I just know so many people in the world are going to enjoy it!
Helen Tovey, Editor-in-Chief, FamilyTree Magazine UK
Helen Tovey
Editor-in-Chief, FamilyTree Magazine UK
"A simple way to record yourself on video."
"Straightforward and very easy to use."
"Unmatched customer support!"

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