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Speaker Mike Brian Testimonial photo.
"I'm telling you right now, collecting testimonials using Rakonto is amazing to me!"
Mike Brian
Speaker Spencer Horn testimonial photo.
"I speak all over the world and now I can create a quick video and have people respond."
Spencer Horn
Speaker Cheryl Knowlton testimonial photo.
"Rakonto is a beautiful tool to gather client testimonials!"
Cheryl Knowlton
Rakonto for Professional Speakers

Video social proof = More gigs, higher fees

Easily request, receive, and publish authentic client video testimonials without the hassle and expense.
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Rakonto for Professional Speakers

Don't take our word for it.

90% of people believe what customers say about a business more than what the business says about itself. Here is what real customers are saying about Rakonto.
"I'm telling you right now, collecting testimonials, using this system, is amazing to me! Each time I've used it, I've collected at least 10 testimonials!"
Mike Brian, CVP CVH
Mike Brian, CVP CVH
"This platform has made it very simple as a way to not only invite people to record and share testimonials, but to have everything they need to be able to complete them!"
Lane Monson, CEO, Platinum Circle Coaching
Lane Monson
CEO, Platinum Circle Coaching
"I absolutely love Rakonto! It has been such a beautiful tool for me to gather client testimonials!"
Cheryl Knowlton, CSP, CSEI, DREI
Cheryl Knowlton, CSP, CSEI, DREI
"Christian and his team have been so great. Everything that we've asked them to do and help us out with, they've done. And they've improved the product, week after week!"
Aimee Young, Sr. Enterprise Manager, AtlasRTX
Aimee Young
Sr. Enterprise Manager, AtlasRTX
"We're just starting to unlock all the incredible use cases for this tool! I speak all over the world, and now I can create a quick video and have people respond and talk about the event."
Spencer Horn, MS, CTPC, CSP
Spencer Horn, MS, CTPC, CSP
"You've got a fantastic product there, and I just know so many people in the world are going to enjoy it!"
Helen Tovey, Editor-in-Chief, FamilyTree Magazine UK
Helen Tovey
Editor-in-Chief, FamilyTree Magazine UK

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Rakonto for Professional Speakers

Get amazing testimonials instantly

Ask for and receive audience feedback in real-time, while they are at their emotional peak. Or send links and QR codes later so clients can describe how you impacted their lives, careers and organizations.

Generate a QR code with our QR code system to receive feedback from your audience effortlessly.

Display your QR code in your presentation and ask them to scan it while still in the room

Include custom calls-to-action - Get people to buy your book, subscribe to your mailing list, schedule a free consultation, whatever you like - in one click after they submit their testimonials

Rakonto Features

One tool to rule them all

Save time and money using one system to request, receive, curate and publish video testimonials and client feedback.

Personalized video requests

  • All plans
  • Create as many requests for testimonials as you like, each with its own QR code and link. Include text and/or video instructions with your request.
  • Set deadlines, specify video or audio recording preferences, preferred response lengths, and more!

Custom CTA

  • Professional plan
  • Replace the standard Rakonto call-to-action with your own.
  • Set different calls-to-action for different requests. Invite people to buy your book, purchase your course, subscribe to your newsletter, download your white paper - whatever you like!

Your business name and logo

  • Professional plan
  • Replace the Rakonto logo with your own when creating story requests, and specify your organization name and contact information.
  • You can control at the request level - helpful if you wish to use your personal information for family stories and organization information for testimonials!

Built-in recorder consent

  • All plans
  • When clients or audience members submit recordings they grant you consent as part of the submission process - saving you tons of time and headache asking people to fill out forms and send them to you!


  • All plans
  • Receive notifications when users submit recordings. Rakonto automatically captures recorder names and email addresses.
  • A great way to get audience member information and connect with them.
  • Download to CSV and import into your CRM if you like!

Automated captions

  • All paid plans
  • Rakonto automatically transcribes and captions recordings submitted to you.
  • You can edit the captions using the Rakonto transcript editor
  • Save your work and your captions will update automatically!

File downloads

  • All paid plans
  • Download original or optimized audio or video files.
  • Download a single recording, or an entire collection at once.
  • Store locally if you wish, import them into your favorite video editing software, and more.

Content curation

  • All plans
  • Organize your recordings into various collections.
  • Change the sort order. Edit any parameter - including custom thumbnails, titles, descriptions, transcripts and more!
  • Add photos, files and links for a more engaging user experience!

One-click publishing

  • Advanced and professional plans
  • Embed the Rakonto Player on your website.
  • One-click publish testimonials.
  • Generate unique embed codes for collections or even individual stories.
  • Generate links and share via social media, email and more!

Rakonto for Professional Speakers

Why Do Speakers Choose Rakonto?

Video social proof is now more important than ever, especially for professional speakers. Here are the numbers:
  • 92% of marketers value video as an important part of their marketing strategy
  • 87% say video has helped them increase traffic
  • 79% of people have watched a video testimonial to find out more about a company, product or service
  • 77% of people say video testimonials played a part in convincing them to buy a product or service

Customer Stories

Altium Leadership uses Rakonto to connect professional speakers and coaches with their audiences.

Woman sitting on couch looking at laptop.

"Rakonto is a great tool with so many use cases in my business and personal life. I am using it to capture testimonials as well as sharing personal stories with my family."

Spencer Horn

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