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Upload important files and documents related to the characters in your stories like qualifications or other achievements, and store them safely in a personal folder.


Include images related to the stories you record so that people you share the stories with can experience it visually. Create an image carousel by uploading many images for viewers to scroll through.


Automated transcription will generate a transcript of your English-speaking audio or video in minutes. Edit captions and upload subtitles in 70 languages.


Showcase the people in your stories by attaching photos and links to their social media profiles. Use genealogy websites like for links and information to deceased relatives.


Highlight key locations in your stories by pinpointing them on a map for viewers to understand where the story took place and to get a sense of where things happened.


Identify key dates in your stories, and Rakonto will automatically create a timeline view for you to allow you and viewers to navigate your stories through each time period.

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