AtlasRTX uses Rakonto to request and receive videos from candidates in their hiring process.

"Rakonto has been a really easy platform for us to use and has made a big difference with the hiring process and for our candidates. Rakonto makes it so much easier for candidates to receive videos and send us responses. It's a much better process for us."
Aimee Young
Sr. Enterprise Manager & Family Office Manager

The Problem

The AtlasRTX Conversational AI Engagement Platform is built to help you and your customers achieve their goals in less time and with less friction. AtlasRTX's solution teaches your digital assistant about your product, your customers, and how to best meet their changing needs.

The Solution

AtlasRTX uses Rakonto as part of their hiring process to send and receive videos from candidates. Candidates are able to answer questions like why they are interested in the role and why they'd be a great fit for the company. They will soon start using Rakonto for client testimonials.

Customer Testimonial

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