Altium Leadership uses Rakonto to connect professional speakers and coaches with their audiences.

Altium Leadership
"Rakonto is a great tool with so many use cases in my business and personal life. I am using it to capture testimonials as well as sharing personal stories with my family."
Spencer Horn

The Problem

Altium Leadership is a company providing Executive Coaching and Corporate training services. Before Rakonto, receiving client testimonials and feedback was a trying process, but Altium Leadership knows the power of impactful storying telling that allows for users to express themselves in a way that is natural, compelling, and effective.

The Solution

Altium Leadership's team uses Rakonto to capture personal stories and collect client testimonials to show the transformation of their services. Rakonto's ease of use allows Altium to share their QR code and collect short video clips, arranging them into a timeline, to facilitate impactful story telling while preserving memories.

Customer Testimonial

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