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Our Olympic Origin

Photo of building decorated with Salt Lake City Olympic Banner, attributed to Another Believer, via Wikimedia Commons
Another Believer, via Wikimedia Commons

For the past two decades, we've honed our craft serving the Olympic and Paralympic movements, starting with the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Since 2015, our founder has served as Knowledge Management Advisor to the International Olympic Committee.

Starting with the Rio 2016 Games and continuing through Los Angeles 2028, we've interviewed more than 1,500 people to collect their stories and experiences organizing the world's largest and most complex peacetime event.

This groundbreaking project, the largest collective oral history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, stirred a passion within us for storytelling, as a way to effectively and impactfully share knowledge within and across organizations.

More importantly, it awakened a deep desire to record and share the stories of "the rest of us." Although the athletes are deservedly front and center, they would not be able to perform on the world's largest stage without hundreds of thousands of people working tirelessly to build, support and showcase that stage.

Rakonto is Born

In 2021, we founded Rakonto because we believe that every individual on the planet is important, their stories + voices matter, and they deserve to be preserved and shared, in a way that honors them.

For thousands of years, storytelling has been used to build community, connection and understanding; to change minds, soften hearts, and bring perspective. We now have the most powerful tools in history to request, record, receive, curate and share stories. But there are too many tools out there, and too much friction and distraction in the storytelling process, so life's most important stories are lost forever.

Our platform removes the friction that prevents people from recording and sharing their stories. Now, anyone can request, receive and share family and organizational stories using one easy-to-use solution, and in the most natural way possible - by simply talking.

Whether you're an individual, an executive, or part of an organization, Rakonto can help you share your story in a way that engages and inspires others.

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