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Request, receive, curate and publish video stories – client testimonials, employee feedback, project debriefs, knowledge sharing, family moments and more – in minutes, without the hassle and expense.

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Rakonto is Born

In 2021, we founded Rakonto because we believe that every individual on the planet is important, their stories + voices matter, and they deserve to be preserved and shared, in a way that honors them.

For thousands of years, storytelling has been used to build community, connection and understanding; to change minds, soften hearts, and bring perspective. We now have the most powerful tools in history to request, record, receive, curate and share stories. But there are too many tools out there, and too much friction and distraction in the storytelling process, so life's most important stories are lost forever.

Our platform removes the friction that prevents people from recording and sharing their stories. Now, anyone can request, receive and share family and organizational stories using one easy-to-use solution, and in the most natural way possible - by simply talking.

Whether you're an individual, an executive, or part of an organization, Rakonto can help you share your story in a way that engages and inspires others.

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